Friday, January 22, 2010

Viva la Verve!

Hello!  I decided to sit down and make a couple of cards for the Viva la Verve challenges going on this month.  Amber has chosen to use inspiration photos along with her fabulous sketches, so I couldn't resist!  This was the photo I chose for VLV week 3:

And here is my card:

I thought this SU Parisian Breeze DSP was perfect!  I used the beautiful Verve stamp set Because of You.  I stamped the sentiment with Chocolate Chip, and the flower silhouette with Sahara Sand.  The green dp comes from SU Bella Rose DSP.  I will leave the complete recipe below :)

My next card was based off of this room:

My card:

I used the fab Verve set Just for You.  I stamped the sentiment with Basic Gray, and the sprig of greenery with Old Olive.  The dp is from My Mind's Eye Andrea Victoria.  Now I just need to make a card for weeks 1 & 2!  Thank you so much for stopping by and have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Card 1:
Stamps:  Verve Because of You
Paper:  Kraft, Vintage Cream~PTI, Parisian Breeze Specialty DSP, Bella Rose DSP
Ink:  Chocolate Chip, Sahara Sand
Accesories:  Pearls, Nestabilities Labels One, Chocolate Chip Ribbon, SU Border Punch, Sewing machine, Dimensionals

Card 2:
Stamps:  Verve Just for You
Paper:  Basic Gray, Basic Black, My Mind's Eye Andrea Victoria
Ink:  Basic Gray, Basic Black, Old Olive
Accessories:  Fiskars Lace Border Punch, Kaisercraft Rhinestones, Old Olive Ribbon, CB Argyle EF, Circle and Blossom Nestabilities, Dimensionals


Wanda Cullen said...

Kerri, I especially love the second card...that fern image & ribbon is the perfect pop of green for this inspiration room!

cabio's craft corner said...

Neat card to share Kerri. Love your sense of color picks from the inspirational pictures and your cards turned out wonderfully! Beautiful work!

Pattie G said...

Oh Kerri, I adore both of these cards. Simple but elegant!

Pattie :0)

Crystal said...

Kerri these are soooo beautiful, you made gorgeous cards with these photo inspirations!!! BEAUTIFUL work gf!!!

Michelle said...

Ooooo your blog is bright today!
I love the little corner pearls on that first card with the big and littles to go with the big and littles in the middle. Always so perfectly thought out!
That black, gray and green is a great combination - so fancy-schmancy!

Jacqueline's Weblog said...

Wonderful cards, really super!
Hugs Jacqueline

andrea said...

hoi Kerri
these card are so beautiful, they match very well with de photo's
you did a good job
hugs andrea

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Kerri, these are both so gorgeous and so very elegant looking!! :)

chercroppin said...

Both are GORGEOUS Kerri! Great inspiration photos, and your creations are just lovely! Beautiful papers, sentiments, ribbon and embellies!

Jess said...

Fabulous cards! I love your inspiration photos and the backgrounds layered behind your sentiments.

Linda aka backroads girl said...

These are beautiful, Kerri. I like that you showed the pic you used as your inspiration. That's a good idea.

Leigh Ann Baird said...

You blow me away all the time! Beautiful stuff! I've been stalking the Verve store for awhile and will probably buy something soon. That's what I do, I stalk for a few months and then start buying.

Alyssa S said...

Beautiful cards! I absolutely love the bottom card though...gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

I love how soothing both the inspiration pieces are, and your cards match perfectly. The little tiny touch of green in the bottom one is so perfect!

Elena said...

You do the Best cards for the Inspiration challenges! I love the colors of the first one! The way how you decorated border with the
pearls is so pretty!
Love the elegant look of the second card! Really like the embossed piece!

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