Monday, February 1, 2010

VLV~Birthday Wishes

Hello!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  My mom came down so we were able to spend some time with her :)  My hubby and I also got a date night which was awesome and rare lol.  We saw Avatar and both of us loved it! 

I'm going to try and keep up with the Viva la Verve Challenges this month.  I just love the inspiration rooms that Amber has been choosing for us, and I decided to go with this cheery dining room this week.  LOVE the color combo!
I decided to make a birthday card for my sister who's birthday is on Saturday : )  I used DCWV Citrus matpack dp and the Verve sets Petals & Stems and Wishful Elegance for the sentiment.  I will leave the complete recipe below, and thank you so much for stopping by!

Stamps:  Verve Petals & Stems, Wishful Elegance
Paper:  DCWV Citrus matpack
Ink:  Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip, Kiwi Kiss
Accessories:  PTI Orange Zest Ribbon, Sewing Machine, Buttons, SU Scalloped Border Punch


Andrea said...

what a nice card, just like the photo
well done, I believe your sister love it too
hugs andrea

Crystal said...

Oh my gosh Kerri this is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE LOVE these colors and those flowers with the buttons just PERFECT!!!!

chercroppin said...

You're so right Kerri, that is an awesome inspiration! Things here are just so hectic and crazy (not sure why), but I SO LOVE your card! Awesome colors! Great job on the flowers and that yummy ribbon too!

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely card! Glad you liked the movie.

Jacqueline's Weblog said...

Wow, the colours are the same as the photo, perfect! Your card is wonderful.
Hugs Jacqueline

Michelle said...

You do so well with inspiration challenges, Kerri. The colors...the brightness....the flowers.... So pretty - and doing the original piece more than justice.

Maylee said...

So pretty Kerri! Your DP collection must be vast!

Clare said...

Wow, this is stunning Kerri. I love to visit and see your beautiful cards.
Clare x

Linda aka backroads girl said...

Your sister will love this card, Kerri! You captured the inspiration photo perfectly. Great job!

Hugs, Mom

Elena said...

Absolutely stunning! I love the spring colors and they are so perfect for the inspiration piece! Really like the buttons in the center of the flowers! You are so talented, Kerri!
Glad you had a wonderful time with your husband!

Denise said...

Beautiful!! Love the cheerful Spring color combo.
Aloha & Hugs,

Inbox of mayham and mystery said...

You are so clever and so artistic, I love the card.

Rebecca said...

The colors in this are GORGEOUS! I love the card, and that inspiration picture. I could go sit in that room for hours, I think. Glad you had a fun date night!

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