Friday, December 18, 2009

Card Purse Gift Set

Hello!  I made this gift set for one of my friends who loves my cards : )  She buys a lot of them and recently asked if I had any Christmas thank you cards.  I didn't at the time, but we're heading to her house tomorrow for her son's birthday party, so I thought I would surprise her with this little gift set.  I used the Card Purse instructions on SCS found HERE

This little snowman is an adorable Limited Edition digital image from Your Next Stamp.  I colored him with Copics and used dp from PTI's Rustic Snowflakes paper pad.  The layout for the cards is Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge #52.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the drawing for my BLOG CANDY!!!  Please see THIS POST for the deets : )  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Stamps:  Your Next Stamp Stripy Snowman Digital Image, PTI Signature Christmas
Paper:  PTI Aqua Mist, Rustic Snowflakes DP
Ink:  Copics, Aqua Mist~sponging around edges of sentiment
Accessories:  Oval Nestabilities, CB Snowflake EF, Oval Punch, Brads, Sewing Machine, Dimensionals, Circle and Scalloped Circle Punches, SU Ribbon


Crystal said...

Super cute, what a great set!!! LOVE that snowman!!! ADORABLE!

Sparkle said...

Such a darling set!

Mercy said...

kerri...this is a wonderful set! love the papers, the embossing, and the stitching! just wonderful!

thanks for playing along with my sketch for this've done a fabulous job! :)


Clare (Littlebear) said...

HI Kerri,
Your friend will be delighted with this gorgeous gift.
Clare x

Jacqueline's Weblog said...

Gorgeous! What a lovely bag and card. Nice colours and a cute image!
Hugs Jacqueline

Michelle said...

That is a great set - and of course I love those papers. Your little snowman is adorable. I'm sure she's gonna love this lil' set!

JAN said...

oh yes Kerri this is too fabulous fun brught and cheery super cute too your designs are wonderful TFS

Elena said...

What an adorable set of cards! I love the cute little snowman! Really like the embossing you added and your stitching is so beautiful!

chercroppin said...

LOVE this set Kerri, awesome job girl!

Gorgeous coloring on this adorable snowman, and the colors, embossing are is that ribbon : )

Nancy L. said...

its a beautiful set, she'll love it!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

LOOOOVE this and I am sure your friend will love it too! That snowman is DARLING and I LOVE the colors!

Shelly said...

OMGosh! This is adorable!!! I love it and I'm sure your friend will too. What a nice little surprise!

cabio's craft corner said...

Very cute set Kerri. The color and style go so well together. Lovely!!!

Maria said...

Such a lovely set!


Karen said...

This set is so adorale! I love it!

Tracey said...

A fabulous set Kerri! That snowman is adorable!!

~Amy~ said...

That is just so beautiful! How I wish I could sit down and make something so pretty and well coordinated! :)

margie c said...

What an adorable snowman set :)
Very cute and festive!

Happy Holidays :)
~ margie

Rebecca said...

I'll bet your friend absolutely loves these! Thanks for the link to the purse, too!

Lori said...

This is great, Kerri! I'm keeping this on my "things to do" list... You've done a marvelous job with it!

Merry Christmas!

Love and hugs ~ Lori

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