Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Next Stamp Challenge #6~Sketch Challenge!

Hello!  It's time for another Your Next Stamp Challenge!  This challenge will run for 3 weeks, as we are not doing any new challenges over the Christmas break : )  Today we have a sketch for you, designed by me!

Here is my card:

I used this adorable New Year's Party Fhiona.  I just love how glam she looks decked out in her formal attire : )  I paired it with some American Crafts dp and the sentiment was computer generated to fit on my tag. 

You have 3 weeks to compete this challenge, and I will choose my favorite creation.  That person will win:

Cupcake Cutie Fhiona single stamp as well as the special winner blinkie!!! 

Also, a random participant will win $5.00 to the YNS store

Just link you cards to Mr. Linky on the Your Next Stamp Challenge Blog HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Stamps:  Your Next Stamp New Year's Party Fhiona
Paper:  Basic Gray, American Crafts Merrymint dp
Ink:  Memento Tuxedo Black, Copics
Accessories:  Ribbon, Spellbinders Tags Trio, Button, Rectangle Nestabilities, CB D'vine Swirls EF, Circle Nesties, Dimensionals, Rhinestone, Stardust Stickles, Martha Stewart Botanical Scallop Border Punch


jacque4u2c said...


Linda aka backroads girl said...

This is a reallly cute card! Love the colors and the dimentions. Might have to try this one :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute card. Can't wait to try the sketch!

Michelle said...

Love this! Love that Smokey Shadow color that you have with the gold - - I would be afraid to put them together but you worked off that American Crafts DP well. This is fantastic - and that red button is a beauty too!

Jacqueline's Weblog said...

Your card is very cute and wonderful Kerri!
Hugs Jacqueline

Angela said...

This is a great sketch and I do LOVE this Fhiona she is gorgeous!!
hugs Angela x

Crystal said...

AWWW Kerri this is toooo cute!!!! LOVE LOVE these colors and those images!!! SWEET!!!

Denise said...

This is soooooo cute!!!

Maylee said...

Hi Kerri,

Love your sketch and this card is sooo cute!

Elena said...

Beautiful card, Kerri! And your sketch is gorgeous, you are so talented!!!
Love the papers you chose! And little elements in the circle really gives a very nice touch to the card!

chercroppin said...

Love your sketch Kerri, and the card turned out fantastic! Love those colors and your corner bubbly...fantastic coloring's perfect!

Rebecca said...

I really like the rich colors in the dp, with her beautiful New Year's dress! Cute sketch!

Milnie said...

ohhhhh Adorable card Kerri! Love the colors and the cute image!!



Karen said...

This sketch ROCKS! I just adore your card and the colors are fab! I just love how you used the bubbly stamp along with Party Fhiona! Cute!

Anonymous said...


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